Types Of Dresses Top 100

Types Of Dresses Top 100

Types Of Dresses Top 100

There are too many types of dresses in our life. If you want to fully understand the styles and characteristics of the various dresses, the first thing you need to do is to classify the words that describe dresses types.

Sourceman divide these words into 20 kinds. We will show this¬†types of dresses list with pictures. If you like it, please share it to your sns ūüôā .

01. Overall Design

0101. A-line Dresses

A-Line Dresses (A Line Dresses) is a dresses type everyone known.¬†It is a dresses that could modifies your body and adjusts the proportion of women to the best in visually. Know More…

A Line Dresses

0102. Asymmetrical Dresses

As long as the design of the dresses has an asymmetrical part, we can call this dresses an asymmetrical dresses. The asymmetrical can be neck, shoulder, sleeve or the hem. Know More…

Asymmetrical Dresses

0103. Babydoll Dresses

The babydoll started out as a short nightgown invented by a designer called Sylvia Pedler in 1942 as a means of working with the fabric shortage during World War II. A version for children was also created – the length was kept short so that kids could have their nappies changed with ease, so bear that in mind when you’re wearing yours. Pedler apparently hated that women began calling them babydolls and never used the term herself. Know More…

Babydoll Dresses

0104. Batwing Dresses

0105. Bib Dresses

0106. Bodycon / Fitted / Bustier Dresses

0107. Bud Dresses

0108. Cheongsam / Qipao

0109. Column Dresses

0110. Fit and Flare Dresses

0111. Flare(d) Dresses / Skater Dresses

0112. Kimono Dresses

0113. Pencil Dresses

0114. Pinafore Dresses / Apron Dresses

0115. Pleated Dresses

0116. Princess Line Dresses

0117. Sack Dresses

0118. Scarf Dresses

0119. Sheath Dresses

0120. Shift Dresses/Straight Dresses

0121. Swing Dresses

0122. Tiered Dresses

0123. Trapeze Line Dresses

0124. Trumpet / Mermaid Dresses

0125. Tunic Dresses

0126. Tutu Dresses

0127. Wrap Dresses

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